Sunday, November 29, 2015

What can we do?

WHERE and HOW can we talk ?

Nov 30, 2015,
We  have to educate people in this country to meet the challenges of present political situations even at the global level, but how?
I have been working as a Journalist and a Political Activist since year 2000, I worked for SLBC Vishwa Shrawani Vikashaya, Lakhanda Radio, Rawaya news paper, tv TNL and participated for various programs on BBC sandeshaya, Sirasa tv, MTV, Swarnawahini, Max tv, Ran fm, Ran One fm, neth fm, Sri tv, Colombo tv, Derana tv etc, meanwhile a new media movement named 'Nidahas' ( free media movement ) was launched in year 2001and its operation had been very successful during its first decade, but in year 2011, I had to dissolve it due to the critical financial situation: I felt that I was not able to continue it any more.
      As you all are aware 'media' is only a business and it serves for its Capital, nothing else. In this context, if we do believe that we are in a historical political crisis at global level, we will have to accept that media is also responsible for the said crisis!
      it does mean that we have no media to seriously discuss of the issues continuously related to situations of the crisis, though most of the governments are keen in developing reforms on freedom of expression, it makes 'nothing' as the proposed freedom is granted by the market while all the governments are also being handled as its long arms all over the world, therefore political parties also never realize what has been really going on, most probably such politicians are blind and deaf in this attractive media marketing! the most important fact is, if we directly approach people ignoring media, most of them do suspect that we are not capable to work with media - we are not accepted by the media !?
so what can we do?
where and how can we educate and empower people? I have been thinking....
...just to share my experience with you all!


  1. QUOTE Chapa Bandara. 'As you all are aware 'media' is only a business and it serves for its Capital, nothing else“ UNQUOTE Chapa Bandara. True, that's the reality. Let me add the reality or expectation. The function of a good news paper & therefore of a good journalist is to see life steady & see it whole” James Fallows, former Carter Aide & & an editor of the Atlantic Monthly & author of Breaking news, comments: “ Seeing life steady means keeping the days events in proportion. Seeing it whole means understanding the connections of varied happenings”. He finds most of the world media dramatically lacking when measured against this simple standard. Far from seeing life steady, the media unsettles the conduct of the nation’s affairs; far from seeing it whole, it fractures reality into inconsequential bit & pieces.

  2. QUOTE Chapa Bandara. We have to educate people in this country to meet the challenges of present political situations even at the global level UNQUOTE Chapa Bandara. On the same matter, a couple of decades ago, I composed a long article n published in a blogspot blog. Now same I have republished in my bread without butter Literature blog

  3. Let me add a part from a blooger blogpost blog of mine as this blog of yours published a decade agao and republished once again recently in a wordpress free blog "That straight arrow Vaclave Havel once said “My position seems to be one of a dreamer who mumbles something about ideals, completely untouched by real life, where politics takes a different course. But this is a very banal view. In reality it seems to me that my constant repetition of certain planted seeds”

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  5. Dear Mr. Bandara, Wordpress free blog [No need of web development knowledge at all] has more features. I have shifted from blogger to wordpress. see the difference

    1. Thank you for the guidance and let me request you to address me by Chapa while asking you whether I can do by Upul...